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Our Group

The BETOCONCEPT family hosts 30 plants in France and abroad, several Study Centres using 20 years of expertise and experience. BETOCONCEPT adds up to many thousand’s of square metres of successfully constructed retaining walls, across continents, climate zones and a wide range of geological circumstances.

For manufacture and marketing in France and the DOM-TOM we hold partnerships enabling us to offer assured quality and service delivery in a diverse market.

The techniques - the advantages of the system BETOCONCEPT ®

Our concrete structures are all assembled dry, without mortar, except for the foundation. They offer significant advantages over retaining walls of traditional bricks, crib structures and gabions. Each block provides a horizontal planting cell that catches rainfall and enables moisture to easilly pass to the roots. This compares favourably with crib walls or gabions where planting must be introduced by the positioning of “growbags” within crevices in less than ideal medium.

By combining with a free draining backfill medium, moisture can pass easilly through the structure thereby preventing the build up of hydro-static pressure. For higher walls, the incorporation of a woven geo-grid reinforcement in the backfill helps to “compartment” the fill enabling percolation but retaining particles in place.
The interlocking block structure permits articulation between individual blocks, yet locks them in place to safeguard against failure. This permissible articulation means that the overturning moment is mitigated enabling a wide service limit for the structure as well as reducing ground bearing and passive restraint implications.

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Most of our clients :

DDE Departmental Directorate of Equipment
Regional Councils
Civil Engineering companies
Public Works companies
Building companies
Landscaping designers and contractors

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Our Supply network incorporates:

Builder’s merchants
Direct sales from the Betoconcept Network
Supply only or Supply and lay