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Design offices

EDICO BETOCONCEPT guarantees security.
Whatever the technical or practical difficulty, Betoconcept will aim to provide a cost effective solution.

The primary objective of our concept is the utilisation in design and manufacture of easy to handle blocks that can be used in challenging locations. These elements can be placed on soil of low stability and support of heavy loads.

The key strengths of BETOCONCEPT lies in the structure being formed without intermediary gaps, thanks to a patented interlocking system that dissipates load from course to course. This feature enables surcharges to be absorbed within the structure, thereby mitigating the extent of the foundation design.

BETOCONCEPT offers noise barrier solutions in vertical or inclined structures, with including variable face geometry.


The methodology of calculations and software was developed within the company and subsequently audited by government officials. The individual studies are the basis of all guarantees for projects in the field of slope support and stabilisation.