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Solid block in split face stone effect, splitable on site, designed for assembly in 1000mm, 750mm, 500mm and 250mm wide elements. Suitable for very high retaining walls, as well as for small heights, facing walls, soundproofing walls, vertical fences. Patented system, registered trademark.

Hollow block, plantable, advantageous for sites which are inaccessible to construction machinery. Has a system of lugs, which ensures the complete interlocking of the elements and a great resistance of the structure. Variable angle of inclination. Patented system, registered trademark.

Double aspect concrete block, suitable for vegetation, used especially for very high walls, available in 1000mm elements and breakable in 500mm. Uses: retaining walls, motorway and railway structures, bridge abutments, consolidation of embankments, protective parapets ,sound screens ... Patented system, registered trademark.

Stone aspect, exposed aggregate concrete. Custom stampings on request. Elements completely dry assembled. Integral locking thanks to the notch system. Possibility of several angles in relation to the vertical. Assembly with or without reinforcing geotextile. Patented system.