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Element designed to adapt to the terrain, offering multiple possibilities, that can feature concave and convex curves, external and internal angles with vertical and horizontal interlocking, preventing any lateral and horizontal movements, creating therefore a uniform stucture without weakness. Patented system, registered trademark.

Hollow block intended for low height structures. Easy assembly, by interlocking. Usable for the construction of straight retaining walls, inclined or curved, transformable into real planters. Patented system, registered trademark.

Hollow concrete blocks with cells. Coupling assembly. Available in a range of colours for effect. Used for the construction of straight or inclined vegetated retaining walls, vertical phonic screens, low height facing. Patented system, registered trademark.

The phonic screen within everyone's reach. With through coloured units; your stone, BETOPHONE has the advantage of being a finished product (without a separate coating), it fits perfectly into all styles of construction being easy to construct. Patented system, registered trademark.

Robust element, stone look, for walls up to 2 m high. An economical solution for easy installation, without steel reinforcement, plaster, cement (except foundation) or machinery, given the low weight and the automatic interlocking of the elements. Patented system, registered trademark.

Solid block, manually splitable, for low walls up to 1 m high. Used for facing walls, small reinforcement, dividing walls, slope shoulders. Patented system, Registered Trade Mark.