Design office

The design office is made up of a multidisciplinary team of engineers in civil engineering and V.R.D.

Our desire has always been to push back the technical limits, while prioritising respect for the environment.

Anticipating the needs of our constantly changing markets, we are pursuing our international development by combining our global expertise with our local experiences in order to improve our retaining walls and our engineering.

  • Private, individual
  • Green spaces
  • Land development
  • Building
  • Communities
  • Airports
  • Environment
  • Railway
  • Industry
  • Military
  • Mines and quarries
  • Abutment of bridges
  • Coastal structures
  • Rivers and waterways
  • Roads and highways
  • Sports field

Engineering is very important to BETOCONCEPT. Our company can respond very precisely to the demands of its customers all over the world. Our design office carries out projects specific to each case. BETOCONCEPT guarantees security. Whatever the technical difficulties (overloads, access, soil qualities, soil bearing capacity), Betoconcept provides a reliable and advantageous solution.