Our areas of activities

Public works, civil engineeringD.

Hundreds of thousands of m² are used for road supports in many countries. Realized in a very short time, the commissioning of a BETOCONCEPT® structure is immediate, because the curing time of a traditional reinforced concrete wall (28 days) is not necessary.


BETOCONCEPT ® walls are used for railways, subways, in several countries.

Common applications:

  • road and highway support
  • noise barrier
  • wing walls

Maritime and river supports

The achievements of BETOCONCEPT ® structures in river and maritime sites are numerous. The walls are resistant to high stress: floods, tides, strong storms, effects of frost – thaw, saline environment, boats, wrecks, tree trunks.

Some walls are under water in an earthquake zone.

Current works:

  • naval docks
  • river banks
  • river mouths
  • canals

Civil Engineering

BETOCONCEPT ® walls reinforced with geotextile layers are commonly used in civil engineering projects, in particular for the construction of load-bearing bridge abutments, mixed abutments, reinforced soil walls.

Noise protection

BETOCONCEPT ® walls make it possible to carry out soundproofing works very quickly, possibly in places inaccessible to construction machinery.

In situ tests have verified the efficiency of the structures: absorption properties, lower reflection, effective and significant reduction in decibels.

The applications are as follows:

  • noise barriers
  • small footprint noise barriers
  • architecturally customisable projects
  • specific elements produced at the request of the architects

Industrial protection

BETOCONCEPT ® walls are used in several cases of industrial protection works:

  • resistance to vibration effects
  • explosion-proof walls
  • noise barriers
  • resistance to fires and industrial pollution


Hand portable implementation, by non-specialised personnel, a team is formed in 2 hours. Construction of walls in sites inaccessible to construction machinery.

Green spaces

The BETOCONCEPT ® range allows perfect integration of structures into the environment.

The vegetated walls are covered in a very short time with plants, therefore merging with the natural ground.

The combination of naturally occurring aggregates and a split riven face, enables wall faces to look like cut stone.

Urban planning

Chosen by the architects, BETOCONCEPT ® walls improve urban space, in a sustainable environment logic.


The general public elements allow for low heights to easily create a retaining wall yourself.