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The modular blocks of our range are designed to be used with high quality concrete. These elements are handlable, allowing easy construction, with a minimal use of mechanised plant.

The connectivity of each unit provides for the possibility of different angles from the vertical. The patented interlocking system ensures full block between blocks, without intermediate gaps, preventing any lateral or horizontal shift.


Leromur ®

Can be laid with either a smooth or a “split stone” face. From the supplied 1000 mm wide blocks; dimensioned units of 250 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm or 1000 mm are formed on site using the re-formed split inducers. Suitable for earth retaining walls, wall ladding, canalisation, noise barriers and screening structures. Leromur



New Betoatlas ®

Plantable empty block advantageous for sites inaccessible to machinery. Has a system of lugs (patented), which ensures full blocking elements and a great strength of the work. Angle natural wall to -15 °, with an inclination on the horizontal variable.




Betotitan ®

Dual aspect, plantable, used specifically for the high walls, available in elements of 1000 mm and 500 mm. Recommended for retaining walls, motorway and rail bridge abutments, bunds, embankments, noise barriers... Betotitan



Betoplus ®

Elements designed to adapt to the site profile, with flexibility to make concave and convex curves, internal and external angles that become locked in both horizontal and vertical planes as a consolidated structure. Betoplus



Betoflor ®

Hollow core block for low height applications. Suitable for dwarf walls and garden features, that can be free formed with the ability to formed tight and reflex curves. Betoflor



Betophone ®

The noise barrier for everyone. Through coloured BETOPHONE units have the advantage of being a finished product (without coating) fitting perfectly to architectural styles with its adptability to different structures and shape profiles. Betophone effective acoustic protection for everyone. Betojard



Betojard ®

Hollow concrete blocks with a two piece “nesting” format. The main use is for noise barriers in vertical aspect, where a variety of profiles and affects can be achieved. The system can also be used for informal rockery construction, using the plantability of the units to create garden features. Betojard



Pieramur ®

Robust elements, for feature walls to a maximum height of 2 metres. An economical solution for easy construction in a dry-build format following the simple foundation.


Mini Leromur

Leromur M ®

Split face blocks full for walls up to 1 m high. Used for wall cladding, dwarf walls, separating walls, toe support to slopes.Mini Leromur



All our products are patented. Brands and models filed in France and abroad.