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New Betoatlas ®

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Documentationdocumentacion betoatlas

Hollow concrete block, with inter-connecting lugs and plantable. New Betoatlas ® an environmental alternative to traditional walls. Easily and quickly constructed with minimal noise and inconvenience.

Sold on request with study specific to each order. Enquiry >>>


Maximum height: 10 mNouveau Betoatlas

Weight of empty element: 25 kg

Weight of full element: 50 kg

Weight per square metre (full): 1000 kg

Number of elements per m² : 20No

Packaging: 1.6m² per palet

Colour : according to region

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  • Retaining walls betoatlas montage
  • Terrace forming
  • Slope re-modelling
  • Slope consolidation
  • Protection merlon
  • Sound trap merlon
  • Decorative wall
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  • Elements assembled without cementum, except for the foundation
  • Integral blocking between elements due to patented twin-locking system, providing great strength within the structure
  • Possibility of several face angles
  • Curves formed without cutting
  • Suited to installation on confined sites with difficult access for mechanised plant
  • Laid with or withoutgeo-grid according to the parameters of the project
  • Tools Required: lump hammer, brick bolster, line, spirit level, tape measure

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