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Betonap ®

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Geo-grid for reinforcement

The high tenacity polyester geo-grid; Betonap ® is manufactured with a unique technology called woven-knit-screening. This technology and the resulting high-tensile stiffness makes the geo-grid ideal for use with both structures and in earth stabilisation works.

betonap waving-knitting

Tension is uniform on installation with no rippling. This enables a direct correlation with the published criteria, with no compromise.

betonap features

The geo-grid creates good skin-friction with soils structure enabling a continuous anchorage to be mobilised. It will also vent hydro-static pressure helping to avoid the build up of water within ground or behind structures.

betonap texture

Durability: The results for Betonap ® after 10 000 hours of accelarated whole life testing at varying load coefficients are consistent with a durability of approximately 100 years. This assumes sustainability of the original design criteria on a given project.

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Main functions


  • Structural backfill reinforcement to BETOCONCEPT ® walls
  • Shallow cover; slope protection layer
  • Strengthening on cavity
  • Strengthening Joint involving a network of stakes (see TECHNICAL meaning for this term) and a reinforcement geotextile
  • Vault effect
  • Membrane effect


  • The layer of pavement
  • Platforms (geotextile manufactured on specific technical specifications)

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Application examples

Bridge abutmentapplication betonap 1

  • Geo-grid layering
  • Slopes stability
  • Abutment retaining
  • Efforts distribution






Railway worksapplication betonap 2

  • Geo-grid reinforcement to walls and bunds
  • Stability of slopes
  • Track retaining
  • Parachute against collapses







Stability of slopes and embankments application betonap 3

  • Geo-grid for reinforcement
  • Soil consolidation
  • Stabilization of siding




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Merlon protection for sound application betonap 4

  • Geotextile building
  • Stabilization land
  • Stabilization cuffs possible





Embankments on compressible soilapplication betonap 5

  • Geo-grid for strengthening and separation
  • Separation of embankment from lower layer
  • Stabilisation