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Betojard ®

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Maximum height: 1.70 m element betojard

Weight of the single face element empty: 11 kg

Weight of the double face element empty: 21 kg

Weight of single face element full: 23 kg

Weight of double face element full: 48 kg

Weight per square metre (full): 500 kg

Number of modules (single and double elements) per square metre: 7

Packaging: 4 m² per palet

Colour: according to region

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  • Decorative walls
  • Flower double-sided
  • Anti noise merlons
  • Acoustic screens
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Supporting slopes: up to 1.70 m high (subject to ground condition and surcharge), wall face angle - 28 degrees. montage betojard

Small vertical garden wall: 0.60 m maximum height.

For vertical walls the single face elements are infilled with concrete and rebar. The double faced units are infilled with soil, gravel, sand or expanded clay.

Acoustic screens: Construction up to up to 4 m high. For this type of application, Betojard is only sold when linked to a project specific study.

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