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Thousands of square metres are in use for road support across many countries. Réalisé dans des délais très courts, la mise en service d'un ouvrage BETOCONCEPT ® est immédiate, car le temps de séchage d'un mur béton armé traditionnel (28 jours) n'est pas nécessaire.


BETOCONCEPT ® walls are used for railroads, subways, across several countries. Installations are resistant to the effects of vibration. The construction along the tracks can be undertaken either from the face or by working over-hand from the backfill platform; this enables traffic flow to be maintained during construction.

Most common applications:

  • supporting railway tracks
  • noise barriers
  • supports slopes to cuttings
  • reinforcement under railway tracks
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Maritime and rivebank works

There are numerous examples of BETOCONCEPT ® in successful use to river and sea projects. The walls are resistant to damage by floods, wave wash, severe storms, frost heave, salinity, impact by marine craft, flotsam, jetsam and river flow deposition.

Examples include waterside projects in earthquake zones.

Common applications:

  • naval docks
  • riverbanks
  • river mouths and estuaries
  • canals
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Civil Engineering

The BETOCONCEPT ® walls with geo-grid reinforced structural backfills are commonly used in civil engineering projects, including construction of bridge abutments and headwalls.

Noise protection

BETOCONCEPT ® noise barriers can be quickly constructed and in locations that may be difficult for handling vehicles to gain access to.
In-situ testing has verified the effectiveness of installation in the aspects of: absorption properties, reflection, noise reduction and quality of residual noise.

Common applications:

  • merlons antibruit
  • Noise barriers to limited width
  • projets architecturalement personnalisables
  • éléments spécifiques réalisés sur demande des architectes
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Industrial protection

BETOCONCEPT ® walls are used for industrial / environmental protection works:

  • résistance aux effets vibratoires
  • anti-blast walls
  • anti-noise walls
  • resistance to fire and industrial pollution


Construction can be undertaken by non-specialist installers with an induction period of less than 2 hours. The modular nature of the BETONCONCEPT ® walls with handlable units ensures that construction can take place in locations that are inaccessible to handling vehicles.

Green space

BETOCONCEPT ® products allow seamless integration of structures into a natural environment. 

For plantable applications the ability for the wall to be quickly colonised by plants enables the structure to be rapidly incorporated into the natural environment.

Manufacture of the concrete units also uses aggregates and pigments to tonal affect to enable a harmonisation with local stone and rock formations.

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Urban planning

Chosen by architects, BETOCONCEPT ® walls improve the urban space, in a spirit of environmental sustainability.

Private projects

The general public can be confident in the self-build of modest height earth retaining walls.